KAVU Long Sleeve Half Zip Throwshirt


  • 100% organic cotton
  • Lower hand pockets
  • Half-zip collar
  • Gusseted underarms
  • Back-drop tailed hem
  • Relaxed fit
  • Made in the USA

First designed in 1995, the Throwshirt is one of our oldest designs. Sitting somewhere between an overshirt and a jacket, it’s a hard-wearing, do-anything piece of kit that kind of defies categorisation. That relaxed fit and fishtail hem give you plenty of room to move, and those nifty underarm gussets mean your arms are fully free—whether you’re bouldering, throwing a ball around in the park or just reaching up to change a lightbulb. 

This one here is the half-zip version—a tried-and-tested over-the-head design built for adventure. Think of it like the rugby shirt’s rock climbing cousin.