KAVU Fleece Strapcap Hat

£18.33 £37.50

  • 100% recycled polyester polar fleece
  • 4 panel shape
  • Patterned nylon tubular webbing
  • ALPHA Easy fit size: S, M, L Head Circumference: S (22.5”-24”), M (23.5”-25”), L (24.5”-26”) Fit Profile (crown height): Low Profile, 3.5"

The Strapcap—perhaps our most recognisable design, this was the hat that started it all. Originally devised by our founder Barry Barr back in 1991, it was created after Barry had lost one too many caps to the sea as they blew off his head whilst working as a commercial fisherman. Taking matters into his own hands, Barry combined hardy fabric with a strip of nylon webbing to make a functional hat that would stay firmly fixed to his head. Over 30 years later, it’s become a true outdoor classic, loved by everyone from anglers to rock climbers—still made the same way, in the same factory, by the same family as it was all those years ago. The original and the best.

This one here is made from 100% recycled polar fleece. Same classic shape, but a bit more warmth for when the seasons change and the frost sets in.